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Hypoxic systems in fitness centres

Thanks to the ability of hypoxic systems effectively enhance athletic performance, reduce body weight, and improve overall human physical condition, many fitness centres began to use the hypoxic products as a new element for their patrons. It is now a standard for most modern fitness centres in the USA, Australia, and Western Europe to use products from the Hypoxico Company.

The most demanded option of hypoxic workout is group training in a hypoxic chamber. These chambers are equipped with stationary bikes, treadmills, and rowing machines in such a variety that all athletes in the group can find their favourite sport activities. In some fitness centres you can encounter hypoxic chambers that can hold up to fifteen athletes at the same time.

A major and indisputable advantage of hypoxic chambers is the fact that here the athletes and visitors to the fitness centre do not have to use hypoxic masks. For health reasons, wearing such masks is not a viable option for the fitness centres. Indeed, the hypoxic chamber is sealed off while the hypoxic air is blown into it by the hypoxic generator K2, which treats between 500 and 2,250 litres of air per minute. It is therefore not possible for the surrounding air to get into the chamber.

All hypoxic generators come with a four-year warranty. In addition, the Hypoxic Company guarantees a minimum lifetime of 10,000 hours of operation. In combination with hypoxic adapters, hypoxic generators are capable of simulating altitudes up to 6,600 meters above sea level. Generators K2, specially designed for commercial use, are widely used in fitness centres or physiotherapy clinics. They have touch screens with a very diverse range of functions for easy operation. Such functions include alarm and automatic safety shutdown of hypoxic air, when the supply drops below the minimum level of oxygen.

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