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Food supplements for hypoxic systems

Hypoxic training represents a real challenge for the human body. Therefore, in the course of the training, a person should not forget the important supplements. Such products can partially replenish lost energy and help to regenerate the body after a workout.

In order for the body to create new red blood cells, important elements apart from the alpine air, also include sufficient intake of iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12. Normal human diet partly contains these elements but not in amounts sufficient to cover the energy expenditure of the body during hypoxic training, hypoxic sleep, or hypoxic therapy (IHT). Therefore, it is important to follow recommendations of fitness trainers and nutrition specialists to find the right supplement. Its dosage should assure that a person with a physical strain will not suffer from lack of some important nutritional elements. If a person fails to do so, it may be that hypoxic training will not produce the desired high-performance effect.

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