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Sleeping in a hypoxic environment

Sleeping at high altitudes is an increasingly popular method to train in a hypoxic environment. For the first time, this style of training was presented by Benjamin Levine and James Stray-Gundersen. Sleeping in a hypoxic environment is beneficial as the individual is long exposed to the air, which improves the body functioning through breathing all night. In combination with training during the day, it has a highly efficient effect on the overall physical condition of the person.

With this method, the athlete can avoid problems that might occur during residing at high altitude. Such problems might include limited training load due to lack of oxygen in the air, loss of muscle mass, immune system suppression, advanced dehydration, or excessive fatigue. Exposed to hypoxic air using hypoxic tents you can live, sleep, and train in classical terms, to which you are accustomed, in the comfort of your own home.


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