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Hypoxic chambers

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Hypoxic chambers

Hypoxic chambers are a revolutionary invention in maximum efficiency and practicality for hypoxic training in fitness and professional training centres. They are even suitable for workouts in the comfort of your own home or office. Hypoxic Chambers feature the same density and constant air pressure, while ensuring the most modern air-conditioning and filtering system. All of these parameters create an ideal environment for a comfortable and secure hypoxic workout.

Configurations of hypoxic chambers are designed to be very flexible and easily expandable. If the hypoxic chamber and the environment it creates need to be relocated, you can do so with minimal effort. As your needs increase, your hypoxic chamber might be easily expanded to enable you to further develop your performance. The Hypoxico Company also offers hybrid hypoxic chambers, which can adapt to your home environment and take advantage of some of the existing walls.

Get the maximum benefits of hypoxic training today and be better than others!

  • Standard size for one to three users

  • The chambers may be customized to various sizes

  • The chambers are made ​​of clear, high-quality vinyl or acrylic glass and aluminium framing

  • Vinyl surfaces are perfectly fixed into frames to be airtight

  • Most of the walls are interchangeable thus facilitating a future expansion


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