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Hypoxico products by HYPOXIE Group


Hypoxic chambers: This product is one of the newest technologies that our company brings into the field of high-altitude training. This is an ideal opportunity for individual workout at home as well as for professional training teams and centres.

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Sleep systems: This latest and also the most voluminous hypoxic tent is the ideal choice for both couples and individuals who seek simplicity and maximum internal usable space. It has clear walls and due to its weight of only 8 kg, it is easily portable.

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Training systems: With this quality training mask you can work out at the selected altitude or undergo hypoxic therapy (IHT). Combined with the Universal mask circuit and Hypoxico generator, the mask enables users to exercise at an altitude of 3,800 meters above sea level

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What is hypoxic training?

Training in high-altitude or hypoxic training involves exercising or residing in an environment that provides air with a reduced proportion of oxygen. Breathing such air improves athletic performance, provides acclimatization to the conditions of that altitude and stimulates the natural human rejuvenation.

In the past, people had to live or travel to places with high altitude, to take advantage of hypoxia. However, in 1996, the Hypoxico Company has patented a technology that eliminated these obsolete principles. This new technology enabled people to experience a hypoxic environment virtually anywhere in the world. Thanks to the transformation of normal air into hypoxic air, which is air with a lower concentration of oxygen, hypoxic systems can simulate altitudes up to 6,400 meters above sea level. The result is that athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and health conscious people all over the world can enjoy the benefit that training in the alpine environment brings them at any altitude.






Confirmed benefits

  • Maximizing the speed and endurance of athletes

  • Increased strength and athletic performance

  • Increased rate of energy and overall rejuvenation of the body

Methods of hypoxic training

  • "Sleep high, train low" (hypoxic sleep)

  • Hypoxic training

  • Hypoxic therapy (IHT)

Who are hypoxic systems designed for?

  • Athletes
  • Mountain climbers
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Individuals conscious about their health

Why do hypoxic systems work?

When the human body is exposed to hypoxia, which is reduced proportion of oxygen in air, it attempts to generate energy from oxygen, which is available. This act triggers a series of physiological processes that result in the improvement of blood oxygenation. This leads to an increase in the overall physical performance of athletes.


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